How To Choose an Eye Doctor Near Me in Jupiter, FL

When looking for an eye doctor in Jupiter, FL it is very important for you to properly evaluate the doctor and office you would like to visit. Optometry is a rapidly evolving field and ensuring your eye doctor is up to date with the latest continuing education and technology will help guarantee you get the best care possible. Below is a list of things to consider when choosing your eye doctor in Jupiter, FL:

  1. Experience - When picking an eye doctor in Jupiter, FL it is important to evaluate the experience of the doctor. You want to choose a doctor that has lots of experience and has been trained in a variety of discipines. Experience can be the difference in correctly diagnosing eye problems and accurately performing your eye exam. Dr. Ford has completed formal training is very experienced in a variety of disciplines including eye exams, dry eyes, emergency eye exams, and contact lens fitting. 

  2. Technology - Technology in optometry is always improving. Having the latest technology allows the doctor to perform more accurate and efficient testing and allow your exam to go as smooth as possible. Dr. Ford has invested in  equipment with the latest technology in optometry that will guarantee you will be seeing your absolute best. 

  3. Location - Choosing an optometrist office that is conveniently located is important. You will be making several trips to the eye doctor for your initial exam, picking up your eye glasses, follow up exams, annual eye exams and any eye emergencies that may arise. We are conveniently located in Countyline Plaza off US-1 in Tequesta, FL. This is conveniently located within 20 minutes from anywhere in Jupiter, FL. 

  4. Selection - After your eye exam is complete you will need to pick out your eye glasses. Optometry offices carry different brands that reflect their quality and price points. This can be the difference in a pair of glasses lasting for a year or a lifetime. Also important is style; name brand glasses have that designer touch to make sure you are looking your best. At Eyes of Tequesta we pride ourselves in only carrying the name brands with the highest quality and style.

  5. Trust - All of these other factors are important when selecting an optometrist near you, but it's most important to choose a doctor you can trust and who treats you like family. Dr. Ford spends lots of time getting to know each patient individually and understanding their work and hobbies. This allows Dr. Ford to personalize her recommendations to each individual to suit their lifestlye. 

Dr. Ford is currently accepting new patients and invites you to come in for an appointment and experience excellence. Click here to REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT

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